In Mould Internal Weld


In Mould Internal Weld

Our In Mould Internal Welding process that has been developed and patented by Barkley Plastics allows the simultaneous moulding of two parts within a mould tool that can be joined together in a second cycle of the tool to produce a hermetically sealed unit.

The advantage is that the mouldings do not have to be removed from the tool and components can be robotically inserted into the void produced in the moulding process.

Eliminates the need to remove mouldings from the tool for assembly
Eliminates the need for seals or fasteners – less parts
Reduces manufacturing time and cost
Removes operations and improves quality

Materials that can be used include PC/ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon 12 and 35% Glass Filled, High Temperature Nylon.

Internal Self Calibration within the tool to Verify Weld Integrity.

The process allows the Insertion of Product such as Electronics into a sealed component.


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