Environmental Commitment

The Barkley Plastics Strategic Plan aims to improve energy efficiency year on year. This policy is driven by our desire for continual improvement and our commitment to ISO14001.

To start our activity we established a team of industry professionals who conducted a site survey and offered advice on where and how we could improve.  We aim to gain knowledge and understanding in order for us to continually develop future energy efficiency around the company.

This commitment is championed by the MD with responsibility for coordination and monitoring activity given to the Technical Manager. Our performance is reviewed by our management team on a monthly basis against KPIs that have been incorporated into the business plan.

On electrical energy we have estimated that we have already saved over 1,750KW per week by:-

  • Investing in more energy efficient lamps.
  • Installing a number of PIR sensors around the business to ensure lighting is not left on when not needed.
  • Improved stats have been added to heaters to control the temperature more effectively.
  • We have invested in a power factor correction unit to our substation to remove spikes and improve energy efficiency.
  • Hand driers have been replaced with more energy efficient units.

On Water we have saved 1,770 m3 compared to 2009.

  • We have reduced water consumption significantly by identifying leaks and repairing accordingly.

We have also actively encouraged and promoted our customers to use recycled materials where the carbon footprint is proven to be lower than using virgin materials.  A noticeable event was the new business from a major German Automotive Customer that we were successful in winning using recycled Polypropylene.

  • We are currently using well over 2000 Kg of recycled material every week.