Business Management Policy

Barkley Plastics Ltd are committed to achieving the business objectives stated in their Strategic Plan by operating and continually improving their integrated business management system and maintaining IATF16949 and ISO14001. We are committed to protecting the environment and protecting those that work on our behalf.

Goals and objectives
Our focus is to achieve the Strategic Plan objectives by focusing on the needs of our customers, reducing risk, reducing waste and motivating / training our employees.

We are working to reduce our energy usage, improve our control of environmentally damaging substances, reducing risk to those that work on our behalf and to the environment and to the integration of our management systems.

Our aim is to achieve our objectives outlined in this Policy and our Strategic Plan, by managing available resources, utilising our continuous improvement process to progress the implementation and increasing the knowledge of those that work on our behalf, through communication, training & participation in improvement projects.

We will use our audit program and performance indicators, coupled with management review to track our system performance.

Legal Compliance
To help us understand our legal and other responsibilities we will monitor applicable legal requirements, conducting regular legal compliance audits. We will maintain access to the applicable legal requirements. We will assess the risks to both our employees and those working on our behalf and work to reduce injuries. We will maintain a healthy and safe place of work, provide suitable equipment and implement safe systems of work.

System Audits and Review
We will provide a framework for establishing and reviewing our system and its documents /processes.

To help us achieve our goals and objectives we will invest in our people to ensure a trained and motivated workforce. We will make our employees aware of the systems we have in-place to protect their health and safety and to protect the environment.

Our employees must take reasonable care of themselves and others that may be affected by their activities. They must follow the safety rules created by Barkley’s and report any problems / hazards.

Our Policy and Strategic Plan will be communicated to all our employees, and available to all those that work on our behalf or anyone who request them. Our significant aspects and risks will be communicated to any interested party.