Experts in Gas Injection Moulding

Barkley Plastics expertise in Gas Injection Moulding has developed through the service provided to an existing 1st tier automotive customer, who required us to use the process, to help them win new business from Land Rover.

Our commitment to our customer’s needs led to a simple decision for us to undertake a steep learning curve in gas injection moulding, a process which was unknown to us back in 2002.

Our efforts proved to be very worthwhile: this item is safety critical, is high strength and cosmetically important.  It resulted in our manufacturing the mould tools and going on to produce the mouldings in high numbers.

Example of a Gas Injection Moulded Part Produced by Barkley Plastics

This commitment to develop our knowledge and skill base to help secure new business with an existing customer is typical of our approach to innovation and the support that we provide daily to our customers.