Child Safety Net

Market leading security company Global Security One (GSEC1) asked Barkley Plastics to develop the case cover for the pioneering XGate – a security device that lets parents immediately oversee and control a child’s online activity in a chat room from a mobile phone.

The product has been met with great enthusiasm from leading child protection agencies such as Kidscape and Child 1st in Scotland, dedicated to making sure children surf the net freely while being protected against paedophiles.

The sleek look of the XGate has come from the technical expertise provided by Barkley Plastics, who has been involved in the cover moulding from concept stage through to manufacture.

Barkley Go Greener

Barkley Plastics welcomed BSI Environmental specialist Steve Rawlings to undertake our Environmental Management Systems (EMS) appraisal.

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Steve expressed his enthusiasm with the many improvements we had made, many of which streamline our existing practices. Thanks to all those team members who have helped Barkley gain a very positive result.